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Balance is the secret
to feeling excellent.

Wherever you are on your journey to
well being, Lesley Standerwick, Personal
Training will help you reach your health
and fitness goals and be the best possible
version of yourself - inside and out.

Everyone enjoys different aspects of
sport and fitness so at Lesley Standerwick,
Personal Training, we work together to
design a program suited to your unique
style. Choose from a variety of options to
help motivate and inspire your health and
fitness journey. Whether you prefer the
group experience in a class setting or the
one-on-one focus of a private session, we
will improve the way you move, think, and
act in harmony – so you can really thrive.

The way you move
decides the way you live.

Using scientific principles based
on biomechanics, anatomy,
physiology and motor learning,
the trained fitness professional
will analyze, preserve and
enhance human movement.
Your Movement!