Fat Loss Program Winners 2011

Tough Mudder 2012

Fundamentals Workshop

Learn about your core, its anatomy, function and a proper exercise progression to increase your core strength and awareness. You will be provided with a take home package so that you can incorporate all that you learn into your workout routine and daily life.

Live Empowered Program

This Program is about YOU, your life and positive change. It is about breaking the cycle of habits that frustrate you, defeat you, and limit you. This is not a quick fix. This is permanent change! This program is not about being healthy for only 8 or 12 weeks, it is about changing for a lifetime. It is a staged program, which means together we make sure you are ready before we move forward. Incorporated over time, are all the elements of a healthy lifestyle: strength, nutrition, flexibility, cardiovascular, core, and mentality. The program is completely tailored to each individual. It is an online program, but the key to this program is the support and empowerment.
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Fundamentals Workshop   $30

Live Empowered Program   $150


Program sessions are
   55 minutes, unless posted
   as otherwise.

Please arrive on time,
   in appropriate dress.

Programs will happen rain
   or shine. Schedule subject
   to change.

Water is available for
   purchase at the gym.
   Please bring your own
   water to other locations.


I consider myself extremely lucky to
have been on Lesley Standerwick's
Fat Loss Program. Lesley's a very
knowledgeable, professional
instructor. She carefully suggested
the proper form and techniques
for weight training and diet. She
took into account my age and a
hand injury from many years ago
and adapted everything to suit me.
I have greater flexibility, stronger
muscles, a loss of weight and inches
and I feel great - full of energy. I am
definitely continuing weight training
classes and recommend Lesley's
Fat Loss Program wholeheartedly.
Sharon Roberts

I joined Lesley's fat loss program
after procrastinating for a very long
time about losing some weight
that had been creeping up on me
for some years. I hoped that it
would be the program that would
finally make a difference and I am
happy to say it did!! Not only was
I motivated to lose 10 lbs, I also
learned to be accountable for the
exercise and eating choices I was
making on a daily basis. I am
thrilled to find myself continuing
to make those lifestyle choices and
plan never to stop. Thank you
Lesley for being there for me in
the right place and at the right time!
Linda Tyler

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